Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to Download Youtube Videos

How to Download Youtube Videos

How to Download YouTube Videos by Using Software

 (4Media YouTube Downloader)

Follow the below steps:-

1)Go to the and Download 4Media YouTube video Downloader  and install it.

2)Go to the YouTube by using any browser(Like Mozilla,Chrome,Opera etc…)

3)Select which video you need to Download.

4)See the Top of your YouTube video link.

5)Select the YouTube Video link and Copy it.

6)Then go to the 4Media YouTube Video Downloader (earlier which was installed by you)

7)Paste the URL in the 4Media YouTube Downloader.(Automatically redirected by this software)

8)Then click the Download option.

9)Now  Your File Added to the Download List. (That is it….)

Note :-

Go to the setting you can select the quality  of video download.

If Download is error kindly Right click the and Give the Re download option.(Definetly your file will be download.)

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