Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How to ADD Watermark in PDF Files without using any software

How to ADD Watermark in  PDF Files without using any software


How to Add Water mark in  PDF File
Without using any software

STEP 1. Go to the Google website by using your any browser (Like Chrome, Mozilla and opera etc.).

STEP 2. Then  Type in search engine “I love Pdf” then click the I love Website.

STEP 3. Now you can see the “I Love Home Page”. Now you can click the Watermark option.

STEP 4. Now you click the “Select Add Watermark file” option.      (Red colour Box).

STEP 5. Open the file location which file you want to Add Watermark.

STEP 6. Now your file selected to Add Watermark and then click the below “Watermarking PDF” option.

STEP 7. Now your screen showing the Watermarking PDF ". Your Watermarking is in progress.

STEP 8. Now Your Watermarking has been successfully completed. You can see the Download PDF Option. If you can send the Watermarking link kindly use below link.

STEP 9. Then click the Download option, and click the save file.

STEP 10. Now Your File has successfully Add Watermark in  your PDF File format.

STEP 11. Your File successfully Watermarking in PDF. Go to the Download Option then Download your Watermarked file. This file is stored online in 50 minutes only after that automatically will be  delete.

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