Friday, 17 February 2017

How to Find graphics Memory Status in computer

How to Find graphics Memory Status in computer

How to Find graphics Memory

Status in computer

Step : 1 We all love in a PC games but sometimes many game are not running in our pc.Many High end game want higher memory graphics memory card.(like 2GB,4GB)

STEP 2. When you buy or download new game for your PC check minimum requirements of that game.

STEP 3 : Here if minimum requiremet is not match in your PC specificatyion never download that game or software.

STEP 4. In this session we learn how to check your graphics card memory in windows pc for game.Checking your graphics card memory is very simple.You don’t need to install any software.

STEP 5. We do this without any types of software.

STEP 6. Press Windows key   + R and your see run  dialogue box.

STEP 7. Type dxdiag and press enter.Once your press enter a Direct Diagnostic Tool will appear.

STEP 8. Now go to the Display tab,here you will see Graphics card name,Manufacturer name & Total Memory details.

STEP 9. This is one of the best method to see the Graphics card memory details.
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